Patient Registration

With clipboards filled with paper forms, the endless lines of patients in waiting in receptions, and manual data entry, no wonder the traditional methods of patient registration are slow. and it’s the time to have a move to the digital tablet. 

Go paperless with the Infirma Automation Solution for Patient Electronic Registration. By automating the manual aspects of patient registration, you’ll spend less time scanning and inputting information, and more time providing a better patient experience from the very beginning. 

Life Cycle


  • Time management for practitioners and staff
  • Improve the quality of data & efficiency
  • Enhance patient communication
  • Automate and boost efficiency
  • Shorter waiting time
  • Working with Advance Technology
  • Secure patient data
  • Automate patient check-in

Product Highlights

The access to satellite center

quick retrieval information on the patient

Facial Recognition

This eliminates the client satisfaction towards to the patient recognition within few seconds, and identify the diagnosis when patient arrives to the hospital


This keep each and every track on the system

Schedule User Task

this gives the options to check doctor channeling, Lab services and any other services

Technology Features


Finger Print Scanner on patient

Face recognition CCTV Camera

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