Laboratory Management

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) play a key role in laboratories meeting quality standards, decreasing transcription errors, reducing turnaround time from specimen receipt to reporting of results, and improving patient outcomes. In the last decade, technological advances in laboratory instrumentation have led to higher specimen volumes and a greater demand and reliance on laboratory data to support clinical and public health needs. These advances demonstrated that paper-based record keeping and results reporting were inefficient and could not support the laboratory’s business needs. As a result, there has been an incredible growth within the demand for adoption of LIS in all the levels. This has increased the use of LIS from the end users' side.

Highlights Solutions integrated

Infirma provides the basic idea of the modern Laboratory system working in the integrated environment

Benefits we provide throughout the system

Elimination of human errors.

Avoiding of workload burden and stress of the employees

Highly scalable and versatile to satisfy the present-day needs and also the future needs of a laboratory. 

Quick deployment makes your laboratory up and running quickly. 

Automatic software updates ensure that users can always access the newest version of the Laboratory Information Management System product. 

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